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At Fox Therapy Services, our mission is to enable people of all ages to become confident communicators.

Fox Therapy Services provides speech, language, feeding, and myofunctional therapy, from passionate clinicians using evidence-based treatment approaches. Our highly trained clinicians work closely with clients and their families to achieve meaningful and successful progress. Fox Therapy Services also provides lactation support and nutritional counseling services. We also strive to empower clients and their families through parent education and training . . .  

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Articulation Disorder

An articulation disorder involves problems making sounds. Sounds can be substituted, left off, added or changed making it hard for people to understand the speaker. Your child may have an articulation disorder if the sound errors continue past the expected age of development.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

A child with ASD will have difficulties with language, social skills and communication development. Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) CAS is a motor speech disorder.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder. Kids with CAS have a difficult time saying words, syllables, and sounds. This is due to the brain having problems with planning to move the body parts that are necessary for speech (e.g. jaw, lips, and tongue) and not a result of muscle weakness.

Developmental Delays

This is present when a child is not meeting his or her developmental milestones in the expected time period.

Expressive Language Disorder

Difficulties with verbally communicating thoughts and ideas.

Late Talkers

A late-talker is a toddler that is delayed in vocabulary growth and expressive language.

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy works to correct the improper function of the facial and oral muscles.

Phonological Disorder

A phonological disorder is present when a child uses incorrect speech patterns by making errors on sound patterns or sound blends.

Receptive Language Disorder

A child with a receptive language disorder has trouble understanding what is being said to them.

Lactation Consulting

When a mother and/or infant is struggling with breastfeeding. This may include painful nursing, low milk supply, or poor infant weight gain.

Dietary Support

Nutrition intervention and support is used for people who need assistance with items such as meal planning, weight management, food allergy and intolerance, special diets, and picky eating to name a few.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy is not just "teaching a child to eat". Therapy focuses on determining the root cause of the struggle and is centered on working closely with the child and family to make eating an easier, more enjoyable experience for all.

Social Communication Disorder

A person who has this will have difficulty with social language and communication skills.


Stuttering impacts the fluency of speech.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy works with children and families to promote and foster the skills needed to engage in their daily occupations (daily activities that occupy their time). Occupational therapists assess and treat fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-help skills, visual motor skills, sensory processing skills and more!

Sensory Processing Challenges

Sensory processing is the brain's ability to take in, filter, process, and respond appropriately to sensory information from our daily environments (such as auditory input, visual input, touch input, information about our body positioning in space etc.). Those with sensory processing challenges may appear clumsy, have difficulty touching certain textures/being dirty, be extremely sensitive to light or sound etc. These challenges will impact their ability to engage in their daily activities and routines efficiently and appropriately.

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Client Testimonials

Lindsey Dean
Lindsey Dean
Google Review
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We absolutely love Fox Therapy Services and we are so glad we found Jessie! After trying several other Speech Therapists we were feeling frustrated and a bit lost. Our son is 4 & I wanted him to be able to receive the help and tools he needs while still having fun in the process. Jessie as an awesome ability to make Speech Therapy enjoyable for him. He looks forward to going every week and we have seen him make amazing progress. Jessie is very knowledgeable in Speech Pathology, yet talks to me mom-to-mom, which I so appreciate. We would definitely recommend Jessie & Fox Therapy Services!
Neyda De Pau
Neyda De Pau
Google Review
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I cannot say enough about Fox Speech Services! We worked with Ms Stefanie. My daughter was extremely speech delayed. We had been at another independent therapist and I just felt that they were misdiagnosing her. Luckily, due to a change in health insurance and through the referral of our pre-school, we enrolled with Ms Stefanie and the rest is history. My daughter has fully developed in her verbal communication and is now confident in herself because she can articulate. We recommend this place all the time.
Lauren K
Lauren K
Yelp Review
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I recently saw Amelia, the lactation consultant, who is IBCLC certified as well as a dietician. My 5 month old had been having weight gain issues, and Amelia was very professional, compassionate, and thorough. Amelia made recommendations and frequently followed up with us to see how things were going and to see if those recommendations needed to be modified. She was always available and you could tell that she truly loves and is passionate about what she does. Amelia shared her own personal struggles with breastfeeding, which made me feel comfortable and like I wasn't the only one having issues with this. I feel like her also being a dietician gives her a rounded out perspective. It seems that many lactation consultants are anti-formula, but Amelia approached our case without judgment and worked with us so that we could ultimately continue breastfeeding but also meet nutritional needs and gain weight.
Jenelle Smith
Jenelle Smith
Google Review
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Jessie is literally a miracle worker. I am one of her older patients, so I was not sure how much work could actually be done for someone who wasn't a child. But wow. In 3 months time Jessie worked so hard with me and boy did it pay off. She helped my speech and now I can barely hear my previous sharpness in speech. And it doesn't hurt that she is also a lovely, gregarious, kind woman. Go see Jessie, she knows what she's doing!!!!
Kelly M
Kelly M
Yelp Review
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My 2.5 yr old son has been seeing the owner Jessie for almost 6 months now. When we first contacted Fox speech services we were in the process of getting my sons surgery scheduled for a tongue and lip tie release. My 2.5yr old was not talking AT ALL. I was beyond concerned and my gut was always filled with worry. I had my doubts. From the first session I still had doubts because it's play based. We're six months in and I have absolutely been proven wrong. My son who wasn't talking has over 20-25 words and is working on two word combos now and his comprehension of speech is taking off. We wouldn't be where we are right now with out Jessie and her fantastic team. They've become family to us and I'm so grateful and thankful for finding them.

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Due to COVID-19, Fox Therapy Services is now offering  TeleHealth online.  As of June 15th, we will be back in our clinic but will continue to provide TeleHealth for those that wish to continue virtual therapy.

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