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At Fox Therapy Services we are dedicated to working with our little foxes to help them become confident communicators.  We are passionate about what we do as speech therapists and strive to make therapy sessions effective, interactive and fun!  Our purpose is to provide research-based treatment and to always abide by professional ethical standards.  We believe in supporting the most important people in our little clients’ lives through parent education and training. By working closely with both our little foxes and their families we are able to achieve a meaningful and successful therapy approach. Our success is a direct result of the success of your child. Get ready to watch your little fox become a confident communicator!

What our clients say

I have been taking my nine year old grandson to Fox Speech Services for comprehensive speech therapy sessions since May 2016. Jessie conducted a speech evaluation and treatment plan for him, which includes sessions, and practice on the part of my grandson. Jessie is a consummate, dedicated professional with an extremely positive attitude, and uses techniques that are extremely helpful yet...
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Arthur P.
I noticed my daughter needed some encouragement with her speech shortly after her 2nd birthday. After meeting with a couple speech therapists it was clear she was in need of services. Right after we were expected to begin therapy in our hometown we up and moved to Ventura County. Eager to find a new place to start, I looked around and came across Fox Speech Services. After speaking with Jessie,...
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Christina S.
My son is in the entertainment business and having clear speech is very important. His acting coach noticed a slight issue with his S sound but didn’t know exactly what it was. It wasn’t a typical lisp issue. I knew I needed to seek out a speech therapist to look into it. I decided to meet with Jessie, who came highly recommended. On our first meeting it was obvious she was very skilled at...
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Sherri R.
My daughter started seeing Jessie the Fall of 2016 when her kindergarten teacher was having trouble understanding her at the conversation level. I had my daughter in private speech from age 4-5 before we moved to Oak Park. Once we started with Jessie, we saw a huge improvement within a matter of a few months and so did her teacher. My daughter looks forward to seeing Jessie weekly and is...
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Shane L.
My wife and I are incredibly pleased with Fox Speech Services. It is clear that Jessie is a very well-trained speech therapist and we appreciate the quality of care she provides to our whole family. We had trouble finding individually tailored, comprehensive services until be began meeting with Jessie. Thank you Jessie for all your help!
J. R.
My five year old truly enjoys working with Jessie. His speech has improved each week and it makes my happy that he looks forward to his sessions. I was unsure how he would take to this new challenge but Jessie finds fun and unique ways of engaging with him, allowing him to learn the proper articulation and grow to correct himself. I love that "I am so proud of myself" smile I get from him...
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Lauren S.
I have been taking my son to Jessie for a year now for articulation difficulties. I am so happy with the progress he has made. Jessie implements PROMPT into the therapy sessions which has been so beneficial. Not only have I noticed a huge change in my son's speech, but he and Jessie have developed a great relationship. We couldn't be happier with Jessie and Fox Speech Services and highly...
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R. S.

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