5 Fun Articulation Activities!

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Home practice is an important way to help your child improve their speech sounds. Here are some activities to make practice fun!

  • Silly singing – Make up a fun song that includes as many words that include your target sound as possible. Get other family members involved and have everyone write a song and then take turns performing for the family!


  • Scavenger hunt – Go around your house, yard, or the park and look for things that include your child’s target sound. Have your child practice each word as they find them. Make it into a challenge and have the whole family play along. Whoever finds the most things including the target sound wins! 


  • Paper basketball – Grab a bucket or cup, 10 stripes of paper, and something to write with. Write a word that includes your child’s target sound on each strip of paper. As your child practices each word, have them bunch up the paper and try to make a basket in the bucket.


  • Decorate a letter – Draw and cut out a letter that corresponds to your child’s speech sound.  Search through magazines, find photos online, or look for words that have the sound in it.  Cut out the pictures or words you have found and glue them to your letter, practicing the words as you go. 


  • Flashlight fun – Write words that include your target sound on stripes of paper. Tape each word somewhere around the room or your house. Hand your child a flashlight then turn off all the lights. Have your child go around the house looking for the words. As the words are found, practice saying each one five times. 


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The Fox Team


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