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Important Facts and Tips to Consider about Stuttering

You might know someone who stutters, or maybe you have seen someone stutter in a movie or on television. Stuttering is the disruption of airflow caused by bodily tension anywhere within the speech mechanism (e.g., voice box, tongue, lips). It […]

Tearing Paper

Works on:  hand strengthening Hand eye coordination Bilateral coordination Fine motor skills These skills provide the foundation that will enable kids to write and use scissors Have your child place torn pieces of paper over their name or letter of […]

Three Ways to Encourage Language During Play

Children often learn language through play with others. Play provides great opportunities for expanding language and increasing vocabulary. Here are some easy tips for promoting language through play!  Get face to face – Get down to your child’s level and […]

Reading Books

One of the best ways to increase your child’s language and early literacy skills is by reading books! Research shows that book reading facilitates language development and plays an important role in preparing children for success in school. Children who […]

Gross Motor Activities

Gross Motor Skills are skills that develop through using the large muscles of the body in a coordinated and controlled way. Movements of the whole arms, the legs and the trunk are all gross motor movements. Gross motor skills help […]

Is it time for an occupational therapy consultation?

Occupational therapists help people across a lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through therapeutic use of everyday activities. When is it time to consider? Here are a few red flags that occupational therapists look for […]

Calming Glitter Jars

A glitter jar can be used as a tool to help a child calm and self-regulate whenever a child feels stressed, overwhelmed or upset.  Supplies: Jar or plastic bottle (i.e. baby food jar, mason jar,  plastic water bottle) Glitter Glue  […]

Let’s Get Messy!

Occupational Therapy:  Ideas for Sensory (Messy) Play   What is messy play?  Messy play is exactly that – messy! It is where you allow your child to make a controlled mess so they are able to use their senses in […]

Three Ways to Practice Verbs

  Looking for some fun ways to help your child work on verbs? Here are 3 fun things to try! These activities are great to help your child work on learning and using verbs in sentences, but also to work […]

Great Ways to Practice Turn- Taking

As children make their way through early childhood, they begin to develop conversation skills. For children to effectively participate in social communications with family and their peers, turn-taking is an important skill to develop. When we use language to have […]

Sensory Bins For Speech

You may be familiar with the word sensory and sensory bins if your kiddo has received occupational therapy treatments. Sensory bins most often aim to provide appropriate tactile input for your child’s needs. These bins are also a super fun […]

5 Motivational Ways to Practice Speech at Home

Practicing speech and language at home is just as important as practicing speech and language in therapy sessions. Practicing at home provides an opportunity for more generalization of skills across settings. When we talk about skills generalizing, what we mean […]

Maximizing Opportunities to Communicate at Home

Home is a wonderful place for your kiddo to increase language. It is a world they interact with every single day and in any child’s routine we can provide something called a language opportunity or an opportunity to communicate. These […]

“Wh-” Questions In Daily Routines

Answering Who, What, When, Where, and Why questions are an important step in your child’s receptive and expressive language abilities. Answering these questions is also functionally important so they can communicate how their day was or what they want to […]

5 Fun Articulation Activities!

Home practice is an important way to help your child improve their speech sounds. Here are some activities to make practice fun! Silly singing – Make up a fun song that includes as many words that include your target sound […]

I Think I Have a Tongue Tie – Now What?

What is a Tongue Tie? A tongue-tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is a condition that restricts the tongue’s range of motion. This occurs when the lingual frenum (typically a tight, short band of tissue) tethers the bottom of the tongue […]


Dysgraphia is a neurological processing disorder of written expression that impairs fine motor and writing skills. Dysgraphia can impact skills related to handwriting, typing, and overall spelling. Occupational therapy (OT) is the main way to help kids who demonstrate difficulties […]

Mother’s Day Speech and Language Activity

With Mother’s Day around the corner what better way to celebrate Mom than to give her flowers. Here is a fun activity to help celebrate Mom and work on speech and language too! What you will need: Colored construction paper, […]

Using the 4 S’s at Home

What exactly are the 4 S’s? They stand for SAY less, STRESS, go SLOW, and SHOW and they are a helpful tool to support language development and increase communication opportunities for your kiddo. SAY LESS-When we think about saying less, […]

Language Development in the Car

 Let’s face it, we spend a lot of our time in the car from school, practices, lessons, and other kids’ activities. Exploration from the car is a great time to focus on language development.  Here are a few activities for […]

4 Fun Outdoor Activities to Support Occupational Therapy Skills!

During these unprecedented times parents and caregivers have had to get creative in the ways they can support and teach children from home. It’s important to carry over skills learned in the clinic to the home environment to enhance a […]

Making Bath Time a Learning Opportunity for your Child

Splish – Splash! It is Time for a Bath! Bath time is a daily activity that allows for a lot of learning.  Get your kiddo clean all while working on the following skills:   Action Words: splashing, cleaning, washing, scrubbing, […]

Following Directions & Baking Cookies

How many times throughout your child’s daily routine do you ask them to complete a task? Telling your child ‘Sit down’ or telling them something more complex like, ‘Sit down, put your shoes on, and then put your jacket on’ […]

The Four Benefits of Telehealth

1. CONSISTENCY   We all know that life happens; schedules change at a moment’s notice, your car won’t start on your way to therapy, or you have another sick kiddo who needs your attention at home.  These are all challenges […]

The Importance of Outdoor Play for Development

It goes without saying that we have all been spending a lot of time indoors lately. However, it is important to keep in mind that outdoor play and activity is extremely instrumental in a child’s development for so many reasons! […]

Prepositions in the Park

Prepositions can be a confusing concept of language to learn.  Many prepositions have multiple meanings making it a complex concept for some littles to understand, such as the distinction between “up” and “above” or are you “in the coffee shop” […]

What is O.W.L.?

According to Hanen, It Takes Two to Talk, waiting to respond is a great strategy for our little ones language development.  The strategy OWL (Observe, Wait, and Listen) is a great way to encourage your child to initiate conversation during […]

Incorporating Pronoun Practice into Everyday Life

As children develop language it is not uncommon to notice that they make errors in their use of pronouns. Pronouns typically start to develop around the age of 12 months and should be fully acquired around age four. The first […]

Story Time!

Let’s Talk About Books and Books are so wonderful! Not only are they a fantastic way to spend time bonding with your child, but they also are critical in helping your child(ren) build strong language skills. Let’s talk about some […]

What is Orofacial Myofunctional therapy?

“Myofunctional therapy is a specifically prescribed regimen of exercises designed to correct oral facial muscle imbalance and deviant swallow patterns.  It is an ancillary program used in conjunction with and to enhance necessary and appropriate dental, medical, and speech treatment. 

What Are Some Speech Therapy Options?

Speech and language services can be provided in a variety of settings.  For children, the two main speech therapy options taken for services are either school based or private speech therapy.  So, what is the difference?

Kids Benefit from Playing Games

Summer is filled with so many fun activities that we can do with our kids.  Swimming, hiking, going to the beach, play dates, the list goes on.  There is one more activity that I highly encourage you to engage in […]

How Long Will My Child be in Speech Therapy?

When I am first contacted by a parent who is curious about starting their child in speech therapy, 9 out of 10 times they ask me “How long will my child be in speech therapy?”  It is such a good […]

Why is Early Speech Intervention Important?

“How young is too young?” “My child is a boy, so shouldn’t I expect him to talk late?” “I was a late-talker, so it is fine that my child is too.” “At what age should I consider speech therapy for […]

When Should My Child Start Talking?

Many parents are not exactly sure when their child should begin to talk. As a Speech Language Pathologist, one of the most common questions I get asked is: When should my child start talking? While there is variability to how […]

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Client Testimonials

Lindsey Dean
Lindsey Dean
Google Review
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We absolutely love Fox Therapy Services and we are so glad we found Jessie! After trying several other Speech Therapists we were feeling frustrated and a bit lost. Our son is 4 & I wanted him to be able to receive the help and tools he needs while still having fun in the process. Jessie as an awesome ability to make Speech Therapy enjoyable for him. He looks forward to going every week and we have seen him make amazing progress. Jessie is very knowledgeable in Speech Pathology, yet talks to me mom-to-mom, which I so appreciate. We would definitely recommend Jessie & Fox Therapy Services!
Neyda De Pau
Neyda De Pau
Google Review
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I cannot say enough about Fox Speech Services! We worked with Ms Stefanie. My daughter was extremely speech delayed. We had been at another independent therapist and I just felt that they were misdiagnosing her. Luckily, due to a change in health insurance and through the referral of our pre-school, we enrolled with Ms Stefanie and the rest is history. My daughter has fully developed in her verbal communication and is now confident in herself because she can articulate. We recommend this place all the time.
Jenelle Smith
Jenelle Smith
Google Review
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Jessie is literally a miracle worker. I am one of her older patients, so I was not sure how much work could actually be done for someone who wasn't a child. But wow. In 3 months time Jessie worked so hard with me and boy did it pay off. She helped my speech and now I can barely hear my previous sharpness in speech. And it doesn't hurt that she is also a lovely, gregarious, kind woman. Go see Jessie, she knows what she's doing!!!!
Kelly M
Kelly M
Yelp Review
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My 2.5 yr old son has been seeing the owner Jessie for almost 6 months now. When we first contacted Fox speech services we were in the process of getting my sons surgery scheduled for a tongue and lip tie release. My 2.5yr old was not talking AT ALL. I was beyond concerned and my gut was always filled with worry. I had my doubts. From the first session I still had doubts because it's play based. We're six months in and I have absolutely been proven wrong. My son who wasn't talking has over 20-25 words and is working on two word combos now and his comprehension of speech is taking off. We wouldn't be where we are right now with out Jessie and her fantastic team. They've become family to us and I'm so grateful and thankful for finding them.

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