Fine Motor Development Toys for your Toddler!

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be thinking it is the perfect time to refresh your toy bins and get some new options for your kiddos! Why not make their toys both fun and functional by choosing toys that foster developmental fine motor skills? Here are some skills that your child may be developing and some of my favorite toys and activities to foster fine motor skills!


If your child is around 2 years old (24 months), some skills that may be emerging are:


  • Ability to build a tower of six to eight blocks
  • Imitation of drawing a vertical or horizontal line
  • Stringing four large beads
  • Holding a crayon with thumb and fingers
  • Completing simple shapes puzzles

Here are some of my favorite toys on Amazon to help foster these fine motor skills:

Triangle Crayons

(for learning to grasp a crayon while drawing)

Tripod Grip Markers

(for learning to grasp a crayon while drawing)

If your child is around 3 years old (36 months), some skills that may be emerging are:

  • Snipping on a line with scissors
  • Beginning to copy a circle on paper
  • Imitate drawing a cross on paper

Here are some workbooks for helping develop pencil control and pre-writing strokes

Here are some kid-friendly scissors for learning to snip and coordinate open/close with scissors

Remember to put the fun in FUNction this holiday season by adding some fine motor toys and activities to the gift list! If you have any questions or want more suggestions please reach out to us here at Fox Therapy Services.  Happy holidays! 

With warmth and gratitude,

The Fox Team


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