Shelby Magnus

Patient Care Coordinator
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Fox Therapy Services •

About Shelby:

Shelby was born in Juno Beach, Florida, and graduated from Riverside High School in New Jersey. Her strong work ethic started young when she became an assistant teacher for an early childhood development center. Since working at the center, she has made most of her living by becoming a top performer in customer service for Darden Inc. She is excited to get back to helping children at Fox Therapy Services. Shelby is a very charismatic person who enjoys every moment of life, and is always exploring new things, which has brought her to Ventura Co. She currently resides with her boyfriend, two energetic dogs, and two curious cats. She has a passion for traveling and trying new things. She lives for the outdoors, whether it’s camping, hiking, or going to the beach, and loves listening to music.

About Fox Therapy Services

At Fox Therapy Services, our mission is to enable people of all ages to become confident communicators.

Fox Therapy Services provides speech, language, occupational, feeding, and myofunctional therapy from passionate clinicians using evidence-based treatment approaches. Our highly trained clinicians work closely with clients and their families to achieve meaningful and successful progress. Fox Therapy Services also provides lactation support and nutritional counseling services. We also strive to empower clients and their families through parent education and training.

At Fox Therapy Services we make therapy sessions effective, interactive, and fun!  Our success is a direct result of the success of our clients. Thank you for including us on your journey!