Gross Motor Activities

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Gross Motor Skills are skills that develop through using the large muscles of the body in a coordinated and controlled way. Movements of the whole arms, the legs and the trunk are all gross motor movements. Gross motor skills help children participate in various functional tasks during play such as, running, climbing, catching, throwing, etc. Other benefits of participating in gross motor activities include the following: 

  • Studies have shown that children with good gross motor abilities may cope better in the classroom (*).
  • stress and frustration can be relieved and released through physical activity
  • regular physical activity can help your child achieve long-lasting good health
  • gross motor activities can have a positive impact on school readiness skills such as reading, writing and sitting posture


Indoor Hopscotch 


Materials Needed:

  • Pre-cut shapes
  • Tape
  • This can also be done outdoors and drawing the shapes with chalk



  • Pre-cut shapes (i.e., blue triangles, yellow circles, red squares, etc.)
  • Tape each shape to build a path that goes from one end to the other
  • These paths can go straight, curve, or make a zigzag line!
  • Encourage your child to jump onto the same-colored shapes and follow the path


Pom Pom Stick and Count

Materials Needed:

  • Painter’s tape
  • Pom poms 



  • Place painter’s tape across the door with the sticky side facing outward (see picture)
  • Encourage your child to throw the pom poms toward the door
  • Encourage your child to pick up the pom poms of the floor and try again


Scarves Dance 

Materials Needed:

  • Music
  • Lightweight scarves
  • Handkerchief (optional)



  • Encourage your child to hold onto the scarves in his/her hands and move it around while playing his/her favorite song.
  • Encourage him/her to wave arms up high, down low, and to the side.
  • You can also see if he/she can catch the scarf in the air. 


Shake Your Sillies Out!


  • Encourage your your child to follow the dance moves shown in the video.
  • This is not only fun but a great way to promote gross motor skills, bilateral coordination skills, and increase self regulation! 

Materials Needed:

  • Smart phone or computer
  • Song link:


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