Is it time for an occupational therapy consultation?

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Occupational therapists help people across a lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through therapeutic use of everyday activities. When is it time to consider? Here are a few red flags that occupational therapists look for and address in treatment sessions:


Fine Motor Skills

  • Difficulty manipulating fasteners
  • Awkward grasp
  • Writing pressure is too light/too heavy
  • Experiences hand fatigue
  • Difficulty with fasteners (buttons/zippers)
  • Illegible writing
  • Difficulty picking up small items

Gross motor skills

  • Slumps in a chair
  • Fidgety in a chair
  • Leans on things when standing
  • Tires easily (fatigues before peers, difficulty finishing assignments)
  • Difficulty with hopping/skipping/running compared to others
  • Clumsy or seems to not know how to move body; bumps into things
  • Tendency to confuse left/right side
  • Falls frequently

Visual-Motor skills

  • Poor letter recognition
  • Poor letter formation
  • Inaccurate or slow copying/reading
  • Inaccurate or slow copying/reading
  • Difficulty completing reading/writing assignments
  • Difficulty staying on the lines when cutting
  • Difficulty turning pages of a book
  • Difficulty coloring within the lines

Self-Care Skills

  • Difficulties with self-feeding (using a fork/spoon, using a straw, drinking liquids from an open cup)
  • Difficulties with Grooming (holding a toothbrush, brushing teeth thoroughly, brushing hair, tolerating nail trimmings, tolerating hair washing)
  • Difficulties with dressing (removing shirts/pants, pushing legs through pants, removing pants with an elastic waist, shoe tying, difficulty threading arms through a shirt).


If your child demonstrates with any of these concerns, come in for a free occupational therapy consultation! OT’s work to develop goals in relation to where your child is at (as we understand that development is not a linear path) to promote independence in activities that are most meaningful to them and their families!



With warmth and gratituse,

The Fox Team


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