The Four Benefits of Telehealth

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We all know that life happens; schedules change at a moment’s notice, your car won’t start on your way to therapy, or you have another sick kiddo who needs your attention at home.  These are all challenges that may lead to an inability to bring your child to therapy appointments consistently. That is where teletherapy comes in! Teletherapy is a great alternative to canceling an appointment altogether and you can do it from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be. Teletherapy appointments provide the consistency your child needs for progress towards their therapy goals. 




Oftentimes when you bring your child to a therapy session you may drop them off and wait outside or sit quietly while they receive their treatment. With teletherapy you may need to become more involved and be an extension of your child’s therapist through the computer. Having parent involvement to give high fives and reinforcers is also important for a successful therapy session to keep your kiddo motivated. This is also a great opportunity to learn techniques your child’s therapist is using and ways you can implement those techniques beyond just treatment sessions. Once you have that education from your child’s therapist you can carry all their tips and tricks over into day-to-day life with your child.




When we work on specific skills during a therapy session, we are working on them to also be used in all functional aspects of a child’s day-to-day life and across all settings. These settings include a child’s school, day care, community settings, and of course their home. This brings us to why teletherapy can be advantageous. Generally, teletherapy sessions happen in that child’s natural environment, their home, where we want to see those skills carry over. Not only is it beneficial for a child to practice these skills in their natural environment, but it also gives a therapist insight into something they may not observe in a more structured in-clinic therapy session. 




Are you moving out of an area, but want to continue working with a therapist that knows your child? Teletherapy is an accessible option to do so. To access teletherapy all you need is a phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection wherever you are. It is also great for individuals who live in a rural area or do not have transportation to get to a clinic. Teletherapy provides an accessible way to get a child the therapy services they need if they are unable to get to a clinic. 


With warmth and gratitude,

The Fox Team


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